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How much can I make with Catering Delivery as a Service?

In addition to operating a restaurant delivery service, you can tap into our Delivery as a Service Provider (DSP) network. This network has hundreds of different items that can be delivered, from groceries to pharmaceuticals to ecommerce items or even couches! One of the more lucrative items is delivering catering orders, and there are DSP's delivering 500-700 orders a day, at an average profit margin of $25 an order. Orders come direct from the catering companies; you don't need to establish any partnerships with them; we do the work for you.

Catering orders are usually set up around lunch and dinner, and the average delivery driver can take 6-8 orders a day. Tips are generally very good, and drivers can make $200+ a day just delivering a few hours a day, leaving them plenty of time to do their favorite things in between. The calculator below will show what can be earned, depending on the number of drivers you have working with you. 

When you partner with us, we teach you everything you need to run a successful RDS/DSP business, staying in compliance with local laws (especially California and Texas).

Catering, Potential Earnings

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Like everything, there are no guarantees in life.

The location of a business, the training and experience of its staff, the prevailing culture of an organization and its people, the breadth of service offering, competitive forces, your pricing and profitability, restaurant demand, your points of difference, and how well you communicate these messages, customer testimonials and your own application – the hours/days you work all have their part to play in determining the success or otherwise of your business.

Where we illustrate examples of earning opportunities, we err on the side of caution and also illustrate our rationale for the projected earnings statements we make and wherever possible, they are based on our own direct and personal experiences.

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